Avi SaaS
Industry’s first SaaS solution for cloud managed load balancing

Easy Onramp to Multi-Cloud Application Services

Avi SaaS complements Avi’s flagship product Avi Vantage Platform as the cloud-hosted option to deliver application services including distributed load balancing, web application firewall, global server load balancing (GSLB), network and application performance management across a multi-cloud environment. It helps ensure fast time-to-value, operational simplicity, and deployment flexibility in a highly secure manner.

Deliver ADCaaS with Cloud Managed Application Services

Faster Time-to-Value

Easy deployment and reduced time-to-market so customers can focus on delivering applications.

Operational Simplicity

Cloud ADC provides application performance monitoring, proactive support and faster troubleshooting.

Deployment Flexibility

Consistent experience with the freedom to choose between SaaS and customer-managed offerings.

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Faster Time-to-Value

Easy on-ramp to multi-cloud application services shifts the focus from managing infrastructure to delivering applications and bringing value to the business.

  • Simple onboarding process and shortened time-to-operation
  • Avi offers continuous monitoring, backups, patches, upgrades, tuning and more
  • Customers focus on creating virtual services instead of infrastructure

Operational Simplicity

Streamlined operations with Avi’s cloud-managed SaaS controller and Avi Service Engines deployed close to the application in a secure manner.

  • Reduced time for troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Proactive support, fault detection and mitigation
  • Lower operational costs with easy one-clicks and automation

Deployment Flexibility

Advanced features give enterprises the freedom to deploy Avi software the way they want to – managed by their IT teams or by Avi.

  • Consistent experience from on-prem to cloud, across multiple clouds
  • Pricing and licensing flexibility that fits your operational models
  • Full customization and ecosystem integration capabilities

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