The Avi Vantage Platform Architecture
Designed for multi-cloud load balancing

Avi Vantage Platform uses a software-defined scale-out architecture that is 100% based on REST-APIs. It delivers extensible application services including load balancing, application security and container ingress on ONE platform across any environment. It provides elastic autoscaling, built-in analytics and full automation.

Appliance based application delivery controller compared to software only application delivery controller.

  • Software-defined architecture: centralized control plane (Avi Controller) and distributed data plane (Avi Service Engine) with elastic autoscaling
  • Built-in analytics: actionable insights based on performance monitoring, logs and security events in a single dashboard (Avi App Insights) with end-to-end visibility
  • Extensible application services: load balancing, application security, container ingress and beyond

Avi Vantage: 3 Key Components

Avi Service Engines

Distributed Dataplane

  • Runs on any x86 server, VMs, containers
  • Delivers applications across any data center and multi-cloud environment
  • Collects application , security, and client data from network transactions
  • Autoscales on-demand horizontally in minutes
  • Service proxy for microservices architecture

Avi Controller

Central Control and Management

  • Orchestrates multi-cloud application services via policies
  • Autoscales multi-cloud load balancers and apps based on thresholds
  • Predictively autoscales load balancers and apps
  • Provides per-tenant or per-app load balancing
  • Simplifies troubleshooting by visualizing insights for application performance management

Avi Console

Analytics and Machine Learning

  • Automates self-service provisioning of virtual services and configurations of VIPs
  • Monitors app health scores, application analytics, security, and client insights
  • Visualizes service interactions via app map

Avi Vantage: Deployment Architecture

Avi Vantage delivers multi-cloud application services that can be deployed on bare metal, VMs, or containers in any data center or public cloud environments.


Avi Networks Multi-Cloud Load Balancing Architecture Deployment

Legacy ADC Hardware vs.
Software-Defined Architecture

Multi-Cloud Load Balancing Application Insights Matrix

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